The Healthy Mummy community has helped and supported these mums to weight loss success!

We love the Healthy Mummy Community and believe the support, advice and inspiration found in our Facebook group have helped many mums succeed in their weight loss goals and keep them on track.

And it seems our mums agree; these mums share how the Healthy Mummy Community has helped them succeed and stay on track.

Mums share how The Healthy Mummy community has supported them to reach weight loss goals

Shelley – lost 15kg – “I really felt seen and welcome”

Shelley is a 32-year-old mum of four kids aged 7, 7, 9, and 10 who lives in Melbourne and has lost an amazing 15kg with The Healthy Mummy. She credits the support of the Healthy Mummy community for helping her reach her weight loss and health goals.

“When I first started out with The Healthy Mummy, I asked lots of questions in the support group and was blown away with how kind and helpful everyone was. I really felt seen and welcome and felt a huge sense of connection with the other women who were also working towards their healthiest selves.”

But it’s not just about the support for health and weight loss goals. Shelley has made friends and built real, solid relationships with other mums in the community.

“Fast forward to now, I have made many new friends from the Healthy Mummy community, some from interstate and some nearby. We have caught up for coffee and gone for walks together, and these beautiful friendships I’ve made would never have happened without the support group community.”

“I love how the community is so empowering, uplifting and encouraging without any judgement and I think a big reason that so many women have such success with the program is because of this incredible community.”

Brianna Smith – lost 20kg – “We are there for each other in the good and the bad times.”

Brianna is a mum of two sons aged 10 and 3 and two stepdaughters aged 10 and 8 living in Melbourne who has lost a fantastic 40kg with The Healthy Mummy and gone from a size 16/18 down to an 8/10. She loves that The Healthy Mummy community not only celebrates with you the highs of your weight loss and health journey but is also there to support you when things aren’t great, so you never feel alone.

The best thing about the Healthy Mummy community is not only the praise and the encouragement and the positive energy when our are succeeding and smashing goals but it’s mostly the fact that I know I’m not alone. There are other mums on this journey with me and I’m never alone.”

If I’ve had a bad week, I’m not the only one. If I haven’t lost weight in one week, I’m not the only one. If I’m having setbacks, I’m not the only one. There is always someone to offer support or advice, or words of wisdom. We are there for each other in the good and the bad times.”

Gemma – lost 30kg – “I have made long-lasting friendships with other Mums who just get it!”

Gemma has been part of the Healthy Mummy community since November 2019 and has lost over 30kg since joining. Being a 42-year-old mum of 3 aged 9, 7 and 1 living in Brisbane, she loves how she’s found like-minded mums in The Healthy Mummy community that’s helped her on her journey.

“I love the Healthy Mummy Facebook Community! I have found so many like-minded mums who were just like me! It was so refreshing to find an online community that really do empower and support each other!”

“The Healthy Mummy  Community is always there to cheer me on. No matter how small my victory! They also help to pick me up when times get tough! Plus they give me the confidence to try things that I would otherwise be too afraid to do!”

Beyond the connections, cheerleading and support she’s found in the community Gemma also attributes it for teaching her how to meal prep, save money and much, much more.

“I have learned so much from them! How to feed my fussy family, how to save money on groceries by meal prepping and how to make Healthy Mummy work with PCOS, hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.”

“Because the Healthy Mummy Community is so diverse – it doesn’t matter your question or experience someone else has either been through it or is working their way through it and is willing to help!”

“I have made long-lasting friendships with other Mums who just get it! Balancing work, family life and your own health is tough! But with my Healthy Mummy Community behind me I am definitely stronger!!!”

Jessy – lost 30kg – “This community is one I’ll be a part of for life!”

Jessy is a 32-year-old Gold Coast mum of 3 kids aged 7, 5 and 16 months who has lost 30 kgs since joining The Healthy Mummy. She loves that The Healthy Mummy Community acts as a cheer squad to help you get through the ups and downs that come with the health and weight loss journey all the mums are on.

“The Healthy Mummy community has been the extra cheers squad throughout my journey that I never realised how much I needed it until my first post. Life is about building others up, and that is what this community is about. I see nothing but support, guidance, encouragement and inspiration to help others achieve their personal goals.”

Besides the cheer squad, positive support and advice Jessy finds in the Healthy Mummy Community. She also loves how she can be inspired and learn new exercises or ways to do things from other mums.

“Hidden plus, I am constantly finding new hidden gem ideas for exercise and food for my forever Healthy Mummy lifestyle. This community is one I’ll be a part of for life!”

Jacquie Yole – lost 14kgs – “The Healthy Mummy community have been my biggest support over my weight loss journey!”

Jacquie is a 38-year-old mum to 2 kids aged 10 and 12 from Coffs Harbour in NSW who has lost 14kgs thanks to The Healthy Mummy. She loves the support she finds in The Healthy Mummy Community and credits them as being her biggest support during her health and weight loss journey.

“What’s not to love about a supportive community of like-minded ladies with a common goal? The Healthy Mummy community have been my biggest support over my weight loss journey! Since joining Healthy Mummy in September 2021 I have never felt alone.”

“On any one of the support pages there is always someone who can relate to and understand where you are in your journey or how you’re feeling. No question or concern is too trivial! The community is warm, caring, keeps you accountable and celebrates ALL the successes, no matter the size.”

She also loves how the monthly Motivating Mums helps to keep things fresh with different perspectives, journeys and support being used to help support and inspire others.

“The addition of the monthly Motivating Mums on the main page keeps things fresh and inspired. In fact, one of these beautiful Mummas reached out after learning we lived in the same town and I consider her my accountability buddy and, even more importantly, my friend.”

“Without the Healthy Mummy community, I know I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as I have come!”

Miranda – lost 35kg – “My Healthy Mummy community has become family”

Miranda is a 41-year-old mum to 3 kids aged 9, 7 and 3 years old, from Brisbane who has lost an amazing 35kg with The Healthy Mummy. She credits this amazing weight loss achievement to the support of The Healthy Mummy community and all the mums in there.

“The amazing Healthy Mummy community has been behind me since day one.”

“I remember my first post and was totally overwhelmed by so many positive, encouraging messages, I was nervous to post but everyone that commented made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I continued to post. And that’s what has helped make my journey so far so successful.”

“Posting for accountability, support, encouragement, venting and keeping it real is so important to not only keep me on track but to reach out for support when I needed. Sharing real life experiences and reading about others, knowing that you’re not alone is so incredibly important.”

Miranda is now a Healthy Mummy for life because she’s felt so supported, loved and guided by The Healthy Mummy community.

The Healthy Mummy community has become family (I know sounds corny, right), but actually making friends and meeting amazing like minded people that only want you to be your very best is soooo very empowering.”

“That’s why I’m a Healthy Mummy for life!”

Louise – lost 36kg – “I love the support and non-judgmental advice I can get from The Healthy Mummy Community.”

Louise is a 37-year-old mum of two kids aged 9 and almost 4 from Melbourne who’s lost a fantastic 36kg since June 2020 thanks to The Healthy Mummy. She loves how The Healthy Mummy community has no judgement, and no negativity, just support, love, and advice no matter your question.

“I love the support and non-judgmental advice I can get from the Healthy Mummy Facebook community. I know that if I ever have a question it’s my go to place. I love that I can celebrate my highs and even my lows with all the amazing ladies on the group. Someone is always willing to help and I truly believe this is a huge part of my success with The Healthy Mummy.”

Thanks ladies, for sharing how The Healthy Mummy Community has helped you with your goals.

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