Mother’s Day Weekend Highlights and Lowlights

Here’s a quick round up of my weekend Highs and Lows…

1.Started the weekend with a good 12 mile run.

2. Put deep conditioner in my hair pre-run so it had A LOT of time to set before I washed it out post-run. I’ve never done this before, but had extra time since I woke up before my alarm and decided to get weird.

Deep Conditioner for redhead runner

3. My current pre long run fuel of choice: Oatmeal, banana and coffee with collagen powder. I pour the coffee over ice once it cools off too much to drink hot.

What runners eat before morning long run

4. I have a dramatic bruise on the side of my leg that I didn’t realize until I was putting on sunscreen. I suspect Diego beats me with a pillowcase full of bars of soap in my sleep.

Runner leg bruise

5. This is my new running club. You’re welcome to join us!

Run Eat Repeat Running Club

6. A BUG FLEW INTO MY MOUTH IN THE FIRST MILE. This is a definite lowlight. (Also, lowlight is a word but seems like something I made up.)

Luckily, I brought my lil water bottle filled with electrolytes to wash down that not so tasty snack.

7. There are so many cute families of ducks and geese around right now. This is my favorite part of running this time of year!!

8. I listened to a ‘free’ Audible book on this run, Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor. It’s not technically free because I have a monthly Audible subscription. I get 1 credit a month for any book PLUS there’s a catalogue of books & podcasts that are ‘included’ in the monthly service. I call them ‘Free’ because it feels like a come up when there are novels in there that are right up my alley.

 Free Audible Book to listen to while running

9. Made chocolate chip cookies from Halo Top baking mix. They were Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and super peanut buttery and had a good amount of chocolate chips!Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookies

10. Almost eight weeks ago a stray cat that had been hanging around my parents’ house HAD KITTENS IN THEIR BACKYARD.

My family took the mama cat and babies in because it was the kind thing to do, especially since shelters around here are overcrowded and very stressful and scary for animals. Now the kittens are ready to be adopted and we’re trying to find good homes for them. (Reach out to me on @RunEatRepeat Instagram if you’re interested.) Playing with them was another sweet highlight of the weekend.

Kittens Blog

11. And the grand finale was spending Mother’s Day with my mom. She’s the best.

Mi Madre running blog

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