Half of women do less or no vigorous exercise because they feel embarrassed!

Alarmingly, a high number of women have admitted they don’t take part in vigorous exercise – this type of workout includes running, swimming and aerobics.

The reason?

They say they lack motivation, and they’re also embarrassed to participate in physical workouts…

Most women admit they’ve done no vigorous exercise in the last 12 months

A new study conducted by Nuffield Health has found that almost half of women have done no energetic or strenuous exercise in the last 12 months.

8,000 participants took part in the survey and the results were startling. 38% of women said they were out of the habit of exercising following the pandemic.

While 47% said they had failed to do vigorous exercise, 67% admitted they lacked motivation and 55% said they lacked time, compared with 46% of men.

Half of women lack do no vigorous exercise because they feel embarrassed!

Only 12% of young girls plan on participating in sports

We know from a multitude of research that women tend to have a greater dissatisfaction with their bodies, and it seems this is being filtered down to the younger generation as well.

Other research has found that only 12% of young girls plan on participating in sports.

The survey of 27,867 girls by children’s charity Youth Sport Trust found the biggest barriers to sport for girls are:

  • 33% say they lack confidence
  • 33% don’t want to be watched by other people
  • 47% are put off because of their periods
  • 48% of girls say they feel embarrassed to workout out compared to 28% of boys.

What’s more, many women say they worry about ‘personal safety and harassment if they were to exercise at night.

Does your teen prefer to sit in their bedroom playing computer games? Maybe it’s time you encouraged them to go for a run with you or do a Healthy Mummy workout.

Alarmingly, a new study has found that the majority of teenagers aren’t getting enough physical exercise each day. Three out of every four teens isn’t active enough.

In fact, the number is as high as 75% of teenagers not getting the daily recommended amount of movement.

It’s not easy being a teen, especially nowadays. They have lots of school work to contend with, especially ahead of exams, plus they also have a social life and some even have a part-time job.

That doesn’t always leave a lot of time in the day for them to get moving, but it’s important that they do. And if they can get into this healthy habit as a teen, they’re more likely to maintain it into adulthood.

Maybe technology is to blame?

Experts at the University of Georgia found that when it comes to lack of exercise, females are worse than males.

Researchers surveyed more than 360,000 high school students in Georgia. They asked each of them about their physical activity levels and their school environment.

The results found that a measly 35% of female students were active while 57% of male students were physically active.

Interestingly, researchers found that females were more likely to be physically active if they were bullied, while for males, the opposite was true.

75% of teenagers aren't getting enough exercise each day

Schools should be doing more to encourage exercise

It seems schools can do more to help increase physical activity.

“The length of recess, physical facilities and social environments at schools have been found to affect physical activity among students,” said Thapa, the study co-author.

“We do not know much about the role of school climate on physical activity. There must have been barriers that were faced by certain groups of students. Hence, we wanted to investigate the difference by gender.”

“For example, female students who are active in sports and physically active may not fit the gender norm and hence may face bullying.”

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