Doing a cleanse? Find out its benefits for your physical and mental health

A detox or cleanse is a great way to remove toxins that build up slowly in your body.

It’s also a great way to feel refreshed, a great energy boost and is a great a kickstart to your weight loss.

Here at The Healthy Mummy, we provide guidelines on how to detox and cleanse your body.

We provide you with a great 7 day cleanse on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The challenge also includes great recipes such as Berry Chia Pudding.

Why is doing a cleanse beneficial?

There are many reasons why doing a cleanse is beneficial for you. It is almost like hitting the reset button and some will support your physical well-being, whilst others support your mental well-being.

What can you expect for your physical well-being from a cleanse.

  • Cleansing will help you to improve your energy levels. By limiting your exposure to everyday toxins, you will notice an almost immediate increase in your energy levels.  When you detox, you are cutting out inflammatory foods such as sugar and many processed foods and replacing them with real foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits. And by drinking more water, you can maximise your detoxification process.
  • Cleansing will improve digestion. High-fibre foods will improve gut health as well as improve digestion. Foods high in fibre will also clear out the digestive system.
  • Cleansing can give you beautiful glowing skin. When you do a cleanse and tweak your diet, inflammation is reduced, leaving you with vibrant and glowing skin.

Cleansing can improve mental well-being:

  • A renewed ability to cope with stress. Alcohol, sugar, refined food and caffeine all contribute to adrenal fatigue. As you eliminate these stimulants from your diet, the adrenal glands get a break and reboot. The abundance of nutrients has a nourishing and healing effect on the adrenal glands, this helps the body and mind to cope and deal with everyday stress without getting overwhelmed.

Read how our 7 Day Cleanse helped this mum kick-start her weight loss again!

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