Can you really lose weight by walking?

It seems impossible but all physical activity, no matter what it is, can burn fat and help you lose weight.

Most experts agree one of the best exercises you can do daily is walking!

And the more and faster you walk, the more calories you’ll burn. Something so simple and convenient can really make a HUGE difference.

How walking can help you lose weight

Walking is such an easy way for beginners to start exercising without having to splash the cash on gym gear or equipment.

Plus, it’s low-impact, so even if you have an injury or sore joints it won’t put too much pressure on your body.

In fact, you can fit it in almost any time of the day!

A study published in Frontiers in Endocrinology found that doing 7,500 steps a day could be enough to prevent anyone from developing type 2 diabetes, which often occurs from eating a poor diet and not exercising enough.

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